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PT Mitra Jaya Makmur Abadi sell cast iron pipe.


In general Iron Castings (Cast Iron) is iron that has carbon content of 2.5% - 4%. Therefore Iron Pour the carbon content of 2.5% - 4% will have lasnya ABLE properties (weldability) is low. Carbon in Iron Castings can be cementite (Fe3C) or commonly called the Free Carbon (graphite). Please know also FOSFOR and SULPHUR content of this material is very high compared to steel.

There are several types of Iron Castings (Cast Iron), namely:

CAST IRON WHITE (WHITE CAST IRON) .Where's Iron Pour entire carbon in the form of cementite so as to have a very hard and brittle nature. Microstructure consisting of carbides which causes the color white.

CAST IRON WROUGHT ABLE (malleable CAST IRON) .Besi Pour this type are made of Iron Castings White by heat treatment goal back that outlines the entire blob graphite (Fe3C) will break down into a matrix Ferrite, Pearlite and Martensite. Have similar properties dengab Steel.

REPRO PELLETS, GREY CAST IRON (GREY CAST IRON) Cast Iron Fitting This type is often found (approximately 70% cast iron gray). Have shaped graphite FLAKE. The nature of this Iron Pour tensile strength is not so high and very low ductility (Nil Ductility).

Nodular cast iron (nodular CAST IRON) is a blend of nodular CAST IRON CAST IRON REPRO PELLETS, GREY. Characteristic of this form of graphite iron castings FLAKE where end - the end of the NOTCH-AN-shaped FLAKE that have an influence on toughness, tenacity & STRENGTH therefore to be BETTER, then the form of graphite BALL (spheroid) by adding a bit of inoculating AGENT, such as magnesium or calcium silicide. Because Iron Castings has tenacity HIGH then categorized these cast iron ductile cast iron.


For information or further information about the cast iron pipe, please contact our marketing team:


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